A very good day my beloved

From: happie json <[email protected]> Date: 3 October 2018 at 13:33 Subject: Fwd: To: happie json <[email protected]>
A very good day my beloved,
How are you doing today over there, i hope all is well with you, Darling i am writing you from the military camp to inform you about my success in getting an honest man from Senegal, West Africa who help to make sure that the consignment box was delivered successfully to the glory of God. And he also follow all my instruction by assisting to pay the delivery charges as i directed him to do, i know it has been a long time i wrote to you just that am looking for some one who can achieve my heart desire on time as it did not work out on your side.
But I never forget your previous effort to make sure that you carry out my instruction which later fail us some how which i believe GOD knows the reason. Due to your previous effort i decided to show appreciation for your help, after the fund was delivered to Mr Freya in Senegal i instructed him to drop a cheque of $135.000.00 (One hundred and thirty thousand United states dollars) for your effort in the office of United Bank of Africa UBA bank Dakar Senegal and the money is in ATM VISA CARD on your name to make it easy for you, so i will like you to accept that little money from me and also try to be putting me in your prayers. However i will like you to Feel free and contact United Bank of Africa (UBA) Dakar Senegal through email or call the bank and below is the contact details of the bank as given to me by Mr Freya.
UBA Sénégal Head Office: Route des Almadies Zone 12 Lot D. Postal Address: BP 11 4776 Dakar Peytavin Dakar, Sénégal. Email: [email protected] Phone: (+221) 70 4014387
Tell the bank to send the money in the ATM VISA CARD to you,I kept this $135,000.00 for your past efforts to achieve my heart desire. I appreciated your efforts very much. So feel free and get in touched with the United Bank of Africa (UBA) Dakar Senegal, with the card you can withdraw the money from any bank there in your country or any where in the world. I will be stopping here for now till i hear from you as soon as you receive the money from the bank,but if you write to me and never receive any respond from me do not be bothered but try and make sure that you get the money from the bank, Thanks and God bless you,
Your friend, Sgt. happie johnson