From: African Development Bank ADB Head Quarters < [email protected]> Date: 6 June 2018 at 08:33 Subject: ADB. To:
*AFRICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK* [image: Image result for African Development Bank]

*African Development Bank Group 1521 Cadastral Zone A0 Off Memorial Close Central Business District Abuja *
From the office of: *Mr. Hakim Ben Hammouda**.*

*Attn: Fund beneficiary/Scam Victim. *Sir/Madam,
In my capacity as senior Director, African Development Bank (ADB), I am writing this few lines to you and hope it meets you and your family in good health this new year.
Based on the failure of CBN and other commercial Banks to offset foreign DEBTS. Management of African Development Bank is committed to bring some solutions.
Be informed that management of African Development Bank (ADB) do not patronize independent lawyers, and I am not too comfortable with the file submitted to my desk by someone who claim to be your lawyer, and I have observed two different Bank details, and some alternations in your file.
Please, kindly confirm if you have instructed such changes, yes or no?
Please, be informed that African Development Bank (ADB) is taking foreign debts settlement as a top priority and we are ready to welcome ideas, and your opinions on the best way forward.
If you’re not aware of the changes we advised you urgently reconfirm to us, the under listed information’s.
* 1. Full Banking details,*

* 2. Your full names, 3. Personal address 4. Mobile number. * Stop all previous communication with anyone, office, Bank or government agency henceforth.
It will be a honor and privilege that you allow FSBN Group the benefit of the doubt to credit your Bank account. Your fund transfer is a collective responsibility of both parties, so we welcome your ideas and opinions.
Please, be warned African Development Bank (ADB) has suffered too many impersonation from hands of internet hackers. Please, always maintain this CODE while responding…..CODE: ONE EAGLE.
* Thanks and we wish you all the best. *
* Expecting your response. *

* Yours sincerely. Mr. Hakim Ben Hammouda Director, African Development Bank -ADB-Nigeria *