Are you Dead?

From: Central Bank of Nigeria Date: 15 October 2012 12:53 Subject: Are you Dead?. To:

From The Desk of JOHN TONY, General Manager,Lasco Finance, security & Sec. Services , Nigeria.E-mail: [email protected]

ATTENTION: Beneficiary

I am Mr. John Tony, General manager to the Finance, security & Sec. Services . this note was taken in my office where i was serving verification documents to the White men Mr Gods54rpmujq#Insert%20Emoticonwin Eze and Mr linus mike who stormed my office in company of Mr. Gila Uwa (on white African attire). The black man claimed to be your representative and the supervisory Engineer that supervised and Lasco security, company & Sec. Services(OUR COMPANY) because of their inability to have paid it at the agreed time. They said that you were dead and before your death, you appointed them as the next of kin to your contract fund presently under our custody these two white men and the black gentleman quickly applied that your Inherited fund should be presented to them at the spot. The Official responsible for the presentation of consignment quickly granted approvals to their application and packaged the fund for them to go with it . When the Lasco security, company & Sec. Services Debit Note was submitted ! to my desk for final Approvals before forwarding it to them for endorsement, I noticed that there are discrepancies as there was no evidence of authorization letter from you for the change of beneficiary. I urgently summoned The Official responsible for the presentation of the consignment and directed him to stop the movement of the funds and at the same time placed a stop order instruction on the funds pending when your views and comments are received with regards to this matter. Please study the attached photograph and respond to me urgently for your comments which will be highly appreciated, but we will not hesitate to continue the payment transmission to them if no response comes from you. Contact me on this Email: [email protected] immediately as your silence will be a clear indication that you authorized them to effect the above changes.


Mr. John Tony, General Manager, Lasco Finance And Security Company e-mail: [email protected]