From: Robbins Paul <[email protected]> Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2021 at 06:30 Subject: ATTENTION: BENEFICIARY , To:
This is Robbins Paul of the High Court of Justice in Washington DC. I am writing you about your Compensated Consignment Box, which is currently worth $15,000,000.00, from the Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau investigation, Sir David Lance Bowdich. However, it has come to my attention that a Mr. James Eldon, a Federal Bureau investigation officer is attempting to claim your funds under the false pretences that you were “killed by gangsters” time ago.? Since then, I have been searching for you, I am an honest man, and I cannot allow someone to take what doesn’t belong to them. Please choose one of these trusted delivery companies, prices are listed below.
™UPS – $250.00 (3 Hours Delivery Time Frame) ™FedEx – $150.00 (5 Hours Delivery Time Frame) ™DHL – $75.00 (10 Hour Deliv?ery Time Frame)

Please select the delivery company of your choice and Sir David will assign Officer Daniel Munoz to escort the company agent delivering the fund. Please also send your full information as listed below to avoid delivery to the wrong address Full name:::::::::::: Current address::::::::::::: Country::::::::::::::::: Phone number::::::::::: ID card::::::::::::: Occupation::::::::::::.

Best regards Robbins Paul