From: MARK DIPOLA <[email protected]> Date: 16 May 2018 at 21:05 Subject: Attention:Beneficiary To:
INTERNATIONAL FUNDS TRANSFER / AUDIT UNIT UNITED NATIONS (World Bank Assisted Programmed) Directorate of International Payment and Transfers UN Plaza, DC2-2060, New York, 10017
My Name is Mr Mark Dipola , I’m the vice chairman of the united nations/ international monetary fund investigating unit, we arrived into Nigeria on 12th January 2017, Following series of Complaints, by Beneficiaries who are yet to receive their outstanding Contract/Inheritance/lottery Funds, from the central bank and other commercial banks in Nigeria The International monitory fund investigating Unit discovered particularly in your own case that some Corrupt bank/ Government Officials had the intention of diverting your Funds to their own private Accounts abroad.
The Team that carried out the investigation recovered some Payment Files which have since been approved for payment which yours was inclusive, secondly, in the same file of yours, there is a letter here stating that you are dead, so based on this, we are contacting you to verify the true position of your status, and you have only 48hours to reply this mail or we will work with what we saw in your file that you are dead, and i will personally append my signature to push your fund into the Nigerians government treasury account as an unclaimed fund.
Note that the United Nations special payment unit has been authorized to handle your Payment File and based on our recommendation, your Outstanding fund have been credited in our Paying Bank Escrow Account in your Favor pending your reconfirmation to this office of your true position in this matter.
Note that we are paying the sum of $10.5 Million only as soon as we have confirmed you the true beneficiary of the said fund and with 24hrs your fund will hit your nominated bank account.
You are hereby advised to reply this mail immediately to confirm whether or not you actually wrote that Letter forfeiting your Funds otherwise you should indicate your interest in receiving your fund.
(1) Full Name (2) Residential Address (3) Telephone Number (Mobile Number if any) (4) Age and Marital Status (5) Core Job or Occupation (6) A valid form of identification. (7) Your Amount (8) Your Bank account coordinates.
You are advised to fully co-operate with this Team so that we can serve you better in this Last Quota payment of this year 2017, and we assure you that we must bring to book all these corrupt officials of central bank if we found them guilty.
Waiting, Mr Mark Dipola. Vice Chairman.