Award Notification, Congratulations!

From: Mr. Gyan Hendric <[email protected]> Date: Thu, 3 Dec 2020 at 08:01 Subject: Award Notification, Congratulations! To:
Attention: Beneficiary.

Welcome to the 2020 World Bank/Paris Club & British CFP Global Financial SET-UP. The Camelot National Lottery Group has noted the wide spread of fraud activities that are being committed by charlatans & impostures within United Kingdom, Africa & the World in general. Those fraudsters use names of the United Kingdom International Lottery Companies to carryout their illicit act. Because of this reason, the World Bank/Paris Club & British CFP in collaboration with the Camelot National Lottery has set up a welfare program to compensate all those that have fallen victims and lost their money in transactions of this nature within UK, Africa & World wide.

In our quest, effort and effectiveness on Financial SET-UP. We have focused and committed to investigate all financial transactions going on all around UK & all over the world. Our Team of Google System Intensive Monetary Researchers [TGSIMR] had focused properly on every uncompleted local & international financial transfer transactions. Note: This Innovation was introduced by the CAMELOT NATIONAL LOTTERY in collaboration with the World Bank/Paris Club & British Government to help in completing every abandoned financial transaction to prevent re-emergence recession across the World.

In conclusion of our last Local/International Board forum which subject was ”INVESTIGATION ON UNCOMPLETED FUND TRANSFER” Our Team of Google System Intensive Monetary Researchers [TGSIMR] after going through your last uncompleted financial transaction records with one of the commercial Banks, we have ascertained that you are one of scam victims and you have been approved to receive a compensation fund of ÂŁ500,000.00. Therefore, the British CFP in collaboration with the CAMELOT NATIONAL LOTTERY is hereby issuing you a compensation payment prize ÂŁ500,000.00 [Five Hundred Thousand British Pounds Sterling’s] following the reveals made on your last abandoned fund transfer.

This compensation fund give away is done annually here in UK and funds are being generated from Unclaimed Lottery Fund from CAMELOT NATIONAL LOTTERY COMPANY. These unclaimed winning funds are either those winners’ were automatically disqualified due to their age or from winners that turned up to claim their funds in our recent sweepstakes. Your compensation fund Winning Numbers are: XVX189298.

An arrangement has been made to pay your funds through (ATM Credit Card or Banker’s Draft) to enable you receive your compensation fund without any interference. Regarding the process to transfer your prize by our African payment offshore Bank in South Africa, kindly contact your agent immediately with bellow information:

Re-confirm your details to us as shown below for immediate action.

1) Full Name:
2) Physical Address where the ATM Card or Draft will be directed:
3) Telephone number:
4) Mobile Number:
5) Occupation:
6) Age:

Send your details as requested above on this e-mail: [email protected] Phone: +27 78 019 8215, to confirm that you have received this notification and we shall get back to you within 24hrs.

Mr. Hendric Gyan