From: Deborah Ashley Date: 16 January 2013 19:34 Subject: Beneficiary To:

Citizens Bank 7444 Winchester Rd Ste 105, Memphis, TN 38125 » Map (901)399-0185

Attention: Beneficiary.

On behalf of the entire members and staff of citizens bank Memphis Tennessee and ministry of justice, we sincerely apologise for the delay in your contract inheritance payment and all the inconveniences that we might have caused you during the last financial records/audits conducted after the last quarter in the year 2012 by the ministry of Justice Austin Texas in collaboration with the federal reserve banks. We have decided to go through all the unclaimed funds around the global networks and we confirmed that you are one of the beneficiaries who haven’t been paid yet. This is to notify you that we have been through verifications on your Contract Inheritance payment file with the citizens bank on the 7th of January 2013 and we reviewed and verified the total sum of $5 Million Dollars pencilled with your name and email database etc as the rightful owner of the funds. Finally, the bank auditors have commenced the excution of the fund which was approved by Robert smith law Chambers and waiting for the immediate process and acceptance of the wire transfer to your bank account.

Your contract inheritance payment is been approved with the representatives legal Chambers known as Robert smith law associates chamber in Austin Texas and you will be paid in full by the citizens bank remittance system department here in Memphis Tennessee .So you are advised to re-confirm your claim requirement to this bank before we can enable further procedures to transfer your contract inheritance payment to your nominated bank account. Your full information will enable the bank to proceed with you and notify you of the transaction remittance date. Transaction Reference Code #F140091. Following, are the details to be reconfirmed by you:

(1) Beneficiary Full Name ______ (2) Home & Office Address _____ (3) Mobile Phone & Fax Number _____ (4) Private E-mail _____ (5) Bank Name & Address ______ (6) Bank Phone & Fax #No _______ (7) Bank Account & Routing #No ______ (8) Occupation & ID _______ (9) Age & Marital Statues _____

Best regards, Ms.Deborah Ashley Brach bank manager.

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