From: Mr. Rabiu Aliu Date: 26 March 2013 05:38 Subject: CHANGE OF BENEFICIARY T To:

ECOBANK PLC No 25 Victoria Highland, Lagos Nigeria,a Email- [email protected] Attn.Beneficiary I hereby send to you the information submitted by Mr. TIMMY CROSS U.S.A of Florida group Ltd, with an application to receive your payment on your behalf. Please as a matter of urgency, you are required to verify the following information and inform us if you are aware or know anything about this. This morning Mr. TIMMY CROSS came to the office claiming that you have instructed him to come and receive the payment on your behalf with some representatives. I have ask them to come back tomorrow as they did not provide any power of an attorney from you which will proof that you thoroughly send them, This was to enable me contact you to verify how genuine this people are to you. 1.Did you instruct one Mr.TIMMY CROSS of USA Florida group Ltd. whose information in his favor thereby making him the current beneficiary with the following account details: Account Name: Timmy Cross Group Ltd, A/CUSD114-1025567-8, Bank Name: Standard Chattered Bank Florida Swift Code: SCBL 11K111. Finally, you are hereby advised to indicate to this honorable office with immediate effect, if you are the person that instructed Mr.Timmy Cross to come for the claim of your fund worth of $10,500.000.00 (Ten Million, Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars),to enable us endorse for the final payment approval order on his behalf. Endeavor send your reply for urgent attention. We shall be waiting for your urgent and prompt response. Sincerely, Mr. Rabiu Aliu Email- [email protected]