Contact me immediately : +1(863) 354-3624

From: <[email protected]> Date: Wed, 23 Dec 2020 at 21:53 Subject: Contact me immediately : +1(863) 354-3624
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YOUR MONEY IS AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP ANY MONEY GRAM LOCATION. The first payment of your compensation fund has been sent today via money gram for you to pick up your payment of $5000.00. We will continue sending your money until
your total amount of $2.8 million is completed. So rush to any money gram office now to pick up your first payment of $5000.00 now, after that you can get back to me
for your second transfer, I am waiting to hear from you as soon as you pick up your first payment, you’ve to call our head office for your second transfer through this
number +1(863) 354-3624 Here is the information to pick up your first payment track it now with the last name and go and pick up your first payment of $5000.00 Sender’s name::::John La nwako Amount Sent:::::: $5,000 Reference::::::::::5208-2081 Text Question::::::who Text Answer::::::::GOD Yours respectfully, Mr. Tom Willam From Money Gram Office Once again be advice to reconfirm your information such as to complete the transfer: RECEIVER NAME: ADDRESS: COUNTRY: CITY: TELEPHONE NO.: OCCUPATION: Number: Contact me on my email address .. [email protected] Once you contact me on my email address I’ll give you the activation MTCN number immediately thank you so much