Dear Beneficiary

*KASIKORN BANK PCL BANGKOK THAILAND* *44 North Sathorn Rd, Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand* *CONTACT PERSON: Dr. Abhijai Chandrasen* *DIRECT TEL: + (66)8 9781-3867* *Fax: + (66) 84661-7288* *Ref: KTHBK/0143-TH * *Date: 31stTh May 2014 * *OUR REF: K-Bank-Th/001/015 YOUR REF:* * RE: OVERDUE PAYMENT* *Dear Beneficiary: ,* *We, the entire members of the World Bank/Audit Department of the Ministry of finance Thailand, on behalf of the resolution panel on contract payment, inheritance claims and lottery winnings, a meeting was held on 21st of July concerning release withheld and overdue payments to you, both foreign and local contractors, inheritance claims and lottery winnings.* *Ongoing through files yesterday, we discovered that your file was dumped untreated or you have been dealing with the wrong persons in Western African/Europeans in regards to your claims, at this juncture, we apologize for the delay of your payment and please stop communicating with any office or individual/s from West Africans/Europeans prior to this new development forthwith. Your attention should be focused to the appointed office below for you to receive your funds.* *Now you’re new Payment Reference No.-42013, your Certificate of Merit Payment No: 098,* *Having received these vital payment numbers, therefore you are now qualified to receive your funds Transfer immediately within 24hrs via Kasikorn Bank Pcl Online Banking System without any hindrances.* *You advise you to contact us with the requested information for more details on how to release your overdue payment which still remains unclaimed.* *Full Name:* *Contact Address:* *State:* *Country:* *Telephone Number:* *Keep us posted with the requested information to enable us commence immediate action on the release of your overdue payment via online banking system.* *Always remember that Kasikorn Bank Pcl will do everything possible to make sure that you receive your fund successfully without any further delay.* *Yours in Service,,* *Dr. Abhijai Chandrasen* *Director and Legal Adviser* *~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~* *