From: <[email protected]> Date: Wed, 13 May 2020 at 04:58 Subject: DONATION To: Recipients <[email protected]>
Hello, With Due Respect,
My name is Mrs Isabelle M. Ameganvi, I am an Canadian, was married to Late Dr. IDRISU Ameganvi, We were married for 32 years without a child. My late husband was a businessman and Gold merchant but he was poisoned by his business partners. And Recently, My Doctor told me that I will undergo a Surgery (Cancer of the lung) and I may not survive it or live longer than required due to my health condition. And to make my health situation worst, I tested positive to the deadly COVID 19 today (Corona Virus), the disease that is shaking the world now. I have just been quarantined and isolated here in Accra Ghana. May looking at my age as a 70 Year old woman, my chances of surviving is very low.
I inherited a total sum of $15.2 M. (Fifteen Million, Two Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) from my late husband, he deposited the money with a bank in London in 2015. Having known my condition, I decided to donate this fund to any God fearing man or woman who will use the money the way I am going to instruct. I want somebody who will fulfill the desire of I and my late husband to help the less privileged people, orphanages and the widows in our society including families that has been affected by this deadly COVID 19 (Corona Virus). I took this decision because according to my history, I was once an orphan who was raised from orphanage home in Canada.
This is why I am taking this decision to hand over this fund to you in good faith and measure to help the less privileged by opening a foundation you will call “AMEGANVI FOUNDATION”. If you are interested in to handle this project, please give me your, name, address, profession and telephone numbers for me to give it to me lawyer to prepare the inheritance letter for you as soon as possible. I have a limited time to live, I am not afraid of death, hence I know where I am going. I want you to always remember me in your daily prayers because of my upcoming Surgery (Cancer of the lung). Kindly contact me if you are interested to carry out this humanitarian duty. Mrs Isabelle M. Ameganvl.