Emergency Request

From: <[email protected]> Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2019 at 01:01 Subject: Emergency Request
I am very sorry for the trouble and for this letter! But I have no other choice!
My name is Narges, I am transgender and live in Iran. It’s no secret that Iran is the most homophobic country in the world. Representatives of LGBT communities are criminally prosecuted in our country and hated fiercely. They can even be executed in public.
In our country, a real hell for homosexuals.
In remote areas of the country, LGBT people are beaten, tortured, raped and even executed with shocking regularity. Thanks to a 1987 bill that legalized sexual change, parents of homosexual children regularly force them to undergo hormonal treatment against their will, and for the sex change operation, local bandits kill.
Recently, my beloved Gul was kidnapped by police and asked for a ransom, otherwise she would face a death penalty (before that she had already been lashed).
These scum are asking for 25 thousand dollars.
I ask all LGBT people and just kind people to help us in this trouble. I want to redeem my beloved and flee from this damned country to civilization, where we can live in peace!
Every dollar is important to us, help as much as you can! If suddenly everything works out, then I plan to fight this situation in Iran and make an LGBT fund for compatriots.
My friend is a programmer. He advised me to write and send this email to different people and ask for money in bitcoins. Since it is absolutely anonymous for me and for you. He also said that it is very easy to replenish.
Here is my btc wallet (if your really ready): bc1qlq7z2xy4tw0wd46lnsexq9fgqquuryus2x5txw
Peace to your home.