Finance offer

From: Gloria Pelletier Date: 5 December 2012 20:18 Subject: Finance offer To:

Hello I am Mrs. Gloria Pelletier official of French nationality living for more than 15 years in Italy. I live between the France, the United States, the Belgium and the Italy or I do my business. In order to build a business relationship and especially to enlarge my turnover, I decided to make the loans ranging from 2.000Euros to 4,000,000 Euros with a relatively low compared to banks interest rates. After an interview with one of my financial advisors, we decided to provide loans to help individuals who unfortunately do not have access to banks with their difficult to meet conditions. 1-If you have a reliable project requiring funding ranging from 2,000 euro to 4,000,000 euros, and that you have no way for his start-up, Please contact me to see together how to collaborate and enable the realization of this project as soon as possible. 2. you have loans to pay off, in this case you can take a loan that will be able to more quickly resolve your problems with your bank or with companies. My mail order to answer me or write to me is: [email protected] Thancks