From: Davies Y.Osinbajo <[email protected]> Date: 10 August 2017 at 22:13 Subject: FROM THE OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY To: Recipients <[email protected]>
OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY MR. MUHAMMAED BUHARI PRESIDENT FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA Address: Nigerian Presidential Complex, Aso Rock Presidential Villa, Abuja Website: OUR REF: FRN/FEC/0017

This is to inform you that a new government of MR. MUHAMMAED BUHARI has been inaugurated. The Central Bank of Nigeria, The Federal Ministry of Finance, Debt Management Office, All various Committee and offices for Foreign Payment, All Foreign and Affiliate Offshore payment centers, First Bank, United Bank of Africa and all Government Affiliate Banks are mandated to STOP further action in respect of Beneficiary’s payment.
Our new financial adviser has brought to our notice the enormous debt the past government of Nigeria is owing foreign clients, which is now inherited by this government and we the new constituted Federal Executive Council headed by myself and Muhammad Buhari, President Federal Republic of Nigeria is very displeased with.
We have seen this as an ugly and unprecedented way to run a government that MUST succeed and therefore taking up this enormous task of paying hundred 100% to all our foreign clients / contractors /inheritance beneficiary . We wish to draw back the confidence bestowed upon this nation that has since been lost due to inefficiency of the past administration by withdrawing the sum US$3,000,000,000.00 from our US$43,000,000,000.00 foreign reserve with the World Bank for these payments.
A new Board by the name FEDERAL DEBT MANAGEMENT BOARD (FDMB) has been constituted to take full responsibility in paying all client/contractors/inheritance beneficiaries and this board is headed by the Director General Foreign Debt payments/ Debt Management; Federal Republic of Nigeria, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.
All client/contractors/inheritance beneficiary are hereby Mandated to contact the Director General Foreign Debt payments Approvals/ Debt Management , Vice President Davies Y.Osinbajo on the below stated information;
Vice President Davies Y.Osinbajo
Direct Telephone: +234-80860046531 Vice President Davies Y.Osinbajo
You are also mandated to reconfirm afresh the following information for confirmation, approval and payment;
1. Full Name (in capital letters)
2. Contact address
3. Direct telephone and fax number and scan copy of International Passport
4. Amount expected to receive from Federal Republic of Nigeria
5. And Amount you have paid so far regards to this transaction
WARNING! We have been fully informed by the security operative, the Nigerian Police Force, The FBI, Scotland Yard, Home security and the UK monitoring Security Agency of the activities of miscreants, criminal and international fraud syndicate who are at standby to infiltrate and sabotage this noble assignment and we have subsequently set up a formidable security gadget with the help of foreign security agencies to trap them. We hereby WARN and ADVICE our client (YOU) to cease further correspondence with any other agency / organization / parastatal /bank / offshore agency and security company and contact the above office headed by the Director General for the immediate release of your fund Via ATM CARD. If after receiving this notice and warning, we still discover that you are still in correspondence with any other agency in respect to your payment; your payment will be cancelled with immediate effect and we will see you as a co-conspirator with these criminals.
This government is out to make difference and we will not be deterred.
Congratulations and thank you for your understanding and Cooperation as you make contact with the DIRECTOR GENERAL FOREIGN DEBT PAYMENT APPROVALS
Best Regards
Vice President Davies Y.Osinbajo For The Office of Presidency FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA