From UPS Delivery

From: [email protected] <[email protected]> Date: Fri, 10 Sept 2021 at 03:53 Subject: From UPS Delivery To:
*Good morning dear customer,*
*After meeting held this morning concern those who has a package for long time which has been turned to abandon package due-to corona virus* *and we want to use this opportunity to reimburse all our customers and make them happy.*
*And since over five months a go due-to corona virus everything was delay because every body was indoor for security purpose therefore if* *your alive we need your urgent attention with your full receiver details for immediate delivery to your home address sorry for the delay *
*because is not our responsibility.*
*Forward your address right now because we have three days promo which will end by three days time hurry up and receive your compensation of* *$950,000, 00 for each and remember that you must send $50 steam card or Google play card for service charges and as your contacting us make* *sure your address is correct because it is 24 hours delivery to your home address express delivery direct to your address.*
*And if you did mistake your package will post to wrong direction and it will take more days to connect it direct to your correct address so* *be careful and did no mistake, Comply immediately to receive your package within couples of hour today you will confirm your package.*
*Contact us with your full address and $50 iTunes card needed okay.*
*Contact Name : Andrew Onoi* *Email: **[email protected]* *Post: Ups delivery agent*
*Contact us immediately with your full address for immediate delivery through promo price urgent.* *