From Your Humble Sister

Hello dear, Compliment of the season. My name is Mrs. Flore Kawan from Chapeltown, Leeds. I live in London here with my only child Kevin who is just 17 years of age. I am presently suffering from long time disease which started immediately I came back from for my late husband’s funeral. Please let me go straight to my point without boring you much with my situation here. I have some funds Ј17.5Million which i would want you to assist me to receive in your account in your country for investment and to use part for the well-being of the poor in your country or elsewhere in the world. You will be also be required to help my son Kevin to come over to your country to further his education. If you are interested, please reply immediately for more details. I and my son Kevin have agreed to reward you with Ј2.5Million for your assistance and for seeing to the successful transfer of this fund to your account. Respond to me via my personal my email: [email protected] or call me 00447902850665 Thanks and may God bless Yours beloved sister, Mrs. Flore Kawan and son Kevin