Funds for Investment Management

From: Mr. Tang Kam Sun Date: 9 December 2012 09:46 Subject: Funds for Investment Management To:

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Mr. Tang Kam Sun, Executive Director and Head of Personal Banking (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China). I am a private investor who wants to invest his financial estate in long-term business venture especially in public and private securities (including real estate, energy, oil and gas, emerging markets, and high-technology) in your country/company under your supervision.

You will be required to;

[1]. Receive the funds [2]. Invest and Manage the funds profitably

I am willing to negotiate management sharing percentage after your acceptance. And all legal requirements that will perfect the legality and movement of the fund shall or will be duly obtained by my attorney in the appropriate departments in due course. As I expect to hear from you urgently as this is a high priority Investment Placement and kindly send your information to enhance communication.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely Yours,

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