From: IMF FUND OFFICE Date: 4 November 2012 09:10 Subject: RE: FUNDS RECOVERY !! To:

** FROM: IMF FUND OFFICE 64-66, Avenue d’lena 75116 Paris, France

Re: Funds Recovery

The International Fund through the help of Interpol recovered your funds which some criminals diverted. We found out that you have spent so much money trying to get your funds.

Right now, the fund is deposited with a vault company in Holland which your presence is required. If you cannot make it to Holland, you can appoint a representative to be in Holland and have this concluded. The Vault Company in under IMF and the officer in charge will assist you as regards to banking.

The IMF will not persuade you over your payment, so itโ€™s left to you to confirm your arrival in Holland or if you are appointing a representative. Seeing is believing. Issues of documents, stop order and these entire crazy schemes that made you spent so much in the hands of criminals are over.

Regards, Ms Agatha Smith Email:[email protected] IMF