From: peter smiths <[email protected]> Subject: To: My Name is abdul mohammed from the Ashanti hene’s extended family Ghana .I know you will be surprised at the way in which I got your contact and you may think am a Joker or something .I Got your contact via global search and, the reason why I have contact you is because I want to confide in you regarding a very confidential issues and to see if you can be of any useful assistant. I want to inform you of the Inheritance which is about 200 kilos of Gold and some karat of diamond lock at a security company. I need your assistance so I can move the 200kg worth of Gold, Diamond out of my country to your country. I want you to be my beneficiary so that the ownership of the Gold, Diamond will be transferred into your name. we shall invest the funds from the sales of Gold & diamond into to any profitable business in your country. i know a lot investor will like to invest there for future purposes. I will also offer you 50% if you can assist me, if you are interested to assist me. I shall invite you to my country,to see the 200kg of gold, the diamonds in question. We shall then proceed to make you the next of kin at the high court Ghana, the gold & the diamond shall then be shipped to your country with you. I want us to trust each other that why we need to meet face to face.if you are willing to come down to assist me with the claim and export of the Gold & Diamond to your country for resale and investing. This transaction is 100% risk free, as i am willing and ready to secure you a visa on arrival, so that you can bode a flight to Ghana for conclusion and signing of all the legal papers,this will not take us more-than 5 working days to achieve after your arrival. I shall wait to hear from you, my prevent email is: ( [email protected]) Best Regards, abdul mohammed