Fwd: Choose a FOUR DIGIT PIN CODE NUMBER that will be programmed in the Atm card.

From: Raul Maria <[email protected]> Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2021 at 16:01 Subject: Choose a FOUR DIGIT PIN CODE NUMBER that will be programmed in the Atm card. To: Cc: d.child2001 <[email protected]>
Dearest Beneficiary,
How are you doing ? However I am just very pleased to write to you today, and update you of the recent resolution reached in respect of your ongoing instrumental payment of $5,000 to you everyday until your total sum of $4,700,000.00 scam victim compensation is completely paid to you.
The administrative department of this establishment after a review of the obstacles and interrogation which beneficiaries like you, receiving this same payment from their country authority concerned, I have personally because of my cordial relationship with you, decided that you will not be part of the beneficiaries to be confronted any kind of problem in view of this ongoing payment of instrumental $5,000 payment to you.
I have taken into consideration that it will take a period of 950 days which is almost 4 years and above for you to get this $4,700,000.00 complete if the payment is to be effected $5,000 everyday to you. The government of your country may question this issue and therefore i have personally decided to reprogrammed this your payment to be deposited in a Bank account here, while the Bank will send an Atm Credit Card which you will use in withdrawing the sum of $10,000 per day from any Atm machine within your location.
This process will save you the time of going to western union every day to pick up money. It will also facilitate the withdrawal of your fund to you in time. The basic reason why I have decided to use my good office to assist you personally like I have not done to any beneficiary, is because I am very hopeful that you will reward me for my assistance and good advice to you when you finally receive your whole sum of $4,700,000.00.
I will ensure I take the responsibility of paying on your behalf the courier delivery fee and insurance of this Atm Credit Card that will be Issued on your name, to your contact address.
Therefore, you are advised to immediately choose a FOUR DIGIT PIN CODE NUMBER that will be programmed in the Atm card. Choose any FOUR DIGIT PIN CODE NUMBER of your choice and forward it to me immediately because it will be used to Authenticate and program your ATM CARD. On no account should you disclose the chosen FOUR DIGIT PIN CODE NUMBER to any person. You must keep it to yourself alone and you can change it immediately when you receive the card.
I await your immediate response.
Thanks and GOD Bless you and your family. Yours in Service
Mr. Adam Johnson Deputy Managing Director of AG, Director, Member of Board Audit Committee, Member of Finance and General Purpose Committee,