Fwd: The Presidency.

From: Muhammadu Buhari <[email protected]> Date: 10 September 2017 at 12:38 Subject: The Presidency. To:
*PRESIDENCY* *Federal Republic of Nigeria *
*Aso Rack villa* * Abuja*
Attention dear fund beneficiary/Scam victim:
In my capacity as the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria I am writing this few lines to you and hope it meets you and your family in good health.
First, I am using this medium to express my sincere appreciation to Millions of goodwill men and women who believed and stood by me throughout the period I was hospitalized in a London medical facility.
Especially, I am thanking the global Community who wish Nigeria and my family well.
With due respect and humility, I write this few lines to you out of my tight and busy schedule and it is my hope it shall meet you and your family well? I personally took my time to established the truth from you.
I am indeed worried and confused based on a contradictory report on your payment, sent to me by management of Nigeria Apex Bank, (CBN) released a mountain of evidence but very contradictory about your payment and I am not too satisfied with the reports.
Please, kindly confirm if your payment has been credited into your Bank account Yes or No?
My government is taking foreign debts settlement as a top priority and a significant efforts has been made already.
Please, if you’re not paid as I was told, kindly act fast and get back to me with your *full Banking details, your name, personal address and Mobile number. *I am indeed very sorry for the delay in payment. I am committed to justice and fairness, and I am committed to restore lost hope.
I anticipate your speed response.
1. *Full Banking details, * 2. *Your full names, * 3. *Personal address * 4. *Mobile number.*
*Upon receipt of these information’s I will personally submit it to the paying Bank and monitor the transfer process.*
Stop all previous communication with anyone, office, Bank or government agency henceforth.
Wishing you and your family the best of luck.
Yours truly, *His Excellency,* *Mr. Muhammadu Buhar**i**-GCON, **GCFR, BNER, GCON* * President Elect,**-Federal Republic of Nigeria.* * FRN.*
* seal of authority*