Good Day: dearest,

From: Mr.Richard Kollmar <[email protected]> Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2021 at 01:24 Subject: Good Day: dearest, To:
Good Day:dearest,
I know that this letter will be a surprise to you, I just came across your email contact from my personal search, I’m a business man from Uk and I needed someone that I can trust with a charity work. I have been Diagnosed with Euphorically Cancer of the Lungs according to Doctor I will die any moment. I have been badly treated by close associates. I have put it in my mind to give out the rest of my Money to Charity,Now that I’m ending the race like this,without any family members and no child, I have decided to handle over the sum of ($5.5 Million Dollars) that has been deposited in Us Bank to you for the help of Charity and orphanage homes/the needy once in your location to fulfill my wish on earth.You may be wondering why I choose you.But someone lucky has to be chosen according to the revelation I heard after my prayers today.
I don’t trust all the Monks here in Uk after the Gay scandal. I want you to Distribute these Funds to people that need it. I am 74yrs old and really Blessed with fortunes. I will wait here for your Response before I go ahead and inform my Lawyer about my intentions.I work with USA Government and I also have invested a lot they and build my businesses they too, I want you to know that before handing over my Attorney data’s to you, kindly assure me that you will take only 50% of the money and share the rest to orphanage homes/ Charity the needy once, respond quickly to enable me forward you the Attorney contact details now that I have access to internet before it will be too late as the bank is aware of my decision over the fund and awaiting for whom I will instruct to contact them for their confirmation, Because at this stage if no one apply for the money it will go to bank treasury because i don’t know my fate and they will not use it to help the needy once to fulfill my wish.
You are hereby advice to contact this email:( [email protected] ) for more information you can reach on my phone # +1 914 979 8819.
Thanks and God bless you.
Mr.Richard Kollmar