From: Okolie Judinson <[email protected]> Date: Sun, 7 Nov 2021 at 23:50 Subject: Greetings To:
*FedEx Re Star Express* *70 International Airport Road Mafoluku* *Lagos Nigeria* *Private Email: [email protected]* *Greetings,* *Your ATM Card From United Bank for Africa (UBA) was brought to us* *which is ready to be shipped and below is the tracking details* * Your Tracking Number: 800277347645* *All you have to do is that You have to send $190 for Delivery and* *Insurance fee and your ATM Card will delivered to you within 24 hours.* *and i want to make it known to you that after you send this $190* *charges there will be a smooth delivery and there won’t be any extra* *charges because everything will has to with the delivery has been* *taken care of just only this $190 charges is what that is required of* *you.* *Waiting to hear from you ASAP. Contacted :* *Regards* *Okolie Judinson* *