From: EDNA FALLI Date: 29 November 2012 19:07 Subject: Hello To:

Hello My Dear one!

i wish you long life and prosperity.I pray this day brings you a happiness wealthier and very helpful day,how is life over there in your country?i hope you are in atmosphere of peace and love.

You can just write me back now,so that i will tell you full introduction of my self,and for us to get acquainted with each other,i will also send you my picture,as soon as i see your respond.

And please let noting be a barrier for our relationship and don’t forget to write me back and let us get acquainted to each other.Also remember love and understanding matters a lot in life.And all the darkness in the world, can-not put off the light of a single candle as long as the light of love shines bright in your heart

Hope to hear from you soon,because i will like us to build a good and a favorable Relationship for each other.

From My Heart and With humble Regards. Miss Edna