From: Matthew G. Whitaker US Attorney-General <[email protected]> Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2019 at 11:55 Subject: Hello To:
*Department of Justice* *U.S. Department of Justice* *950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW* *Washington, DC 20530-0001*
*Re-conciliation Letter.*
*I am very sorry my late response in contacting you because ever since* *i resume this office on 27th Oct 2018 as the new Matthew G. Whitaker. Acting * *Attorney General was bothered to contact you regarding the abandon files by* *Mr. Jeff Sessions the Formal USA Attorney General which he did not complete before leaving the office.*
*Since i resume this office, i have been bothered by so much things and* *the high rate of scam i am receiving every day is the worst thing and* *the main issue that makes me to cry every night because many poor* *citizens always send me an email on how they lost there life savings* *and borrowed from many loan companies and not able to refund* *back now which has lead them to many confusion in life.*
*I went for a conference which was held in IMF office London and luckily for me,* *the Word Bank director ( Jim Yong Kim) was there when i raised the* *issue of high rate of scam and plead them to asign a certain amount* *for compensation to scam victims.*
*At the end of the meeting the word bank director (Jim Yong Kim) was* *able to approved $8.9 million USD for compensation fund and we* *gathered alot of email address of scam victims from many continent of* *the world and luckily for you, your email address was among the first* *five people to receive to receive there fund within 48 hours.*
*The money is already deposited with United Bank of Africa (UBA)* *and i told them to convert the money to an Bank Draft so that it* *will be easy for you to access your fund in any ATM Machine around the* *world since is a Bank Draft to avoid any unnecessary fees by the IMF if* *the fund was to be transferred to you by wire Transfer.*
*Finally, the Bank Draft is now ready and i will be coming back to* *the states with yours and i want to use my hand and deliver it your* *house address because i also heard how the delivery company also* *require for many fees and never deliver at last.*
*The United Bank of Africa (UBA)said that since you don’t have any* *Account with them but the Bank Draft was programmed by them, you* *are required to send the Activation fee of $299 so that they will* *activate the CARD for you and it must be Activated before they can* *release the CARD to me so that you will not have any problem in* *withdrawing money from the ATM CARD.*
*The Bank Manager said that you have to send this fee via Money Gram* *only with this information.*
*Sender’s Name:…….* *Sender’s Address:…..* *MTCN:…..*
*Please make sure you write the receivers name completely with no* *mistake so that there will be no problem in receiving the money.*
*Note: On no Account, you will charged for any kind of additional fee* *because they have assured me about that and i will be the one to* *deliver the Bank Draft to you free of charge.*
*Kindly adhere and send the money immediately you receive this mail so* *that i will be coming back with your ATM CARD because i have not less* *than 24 hours to leave this country.*
*Note: My working ID and Guarantee Letter is attached to this mail for* *confirmation. and also kindly feel free to sms me via Tel: +1(615) 266-6137*
*Thanks for your understanding!*
*Regards.* *Matthew G. Whitaker* *US Attorney-General* *