Hello Friend Re : Your Benefit $1.750.000.00Million

From: <[email protected]> Date: Mon, 22 Jun 2020 at 22:49 Subject: Hello Friend Re : Your Benefit $1.750.000.00Million To: Recipients <[email protected]>
Hello Friend
Re : Your Benefit $1.750.000.00Million How are you doing today? Well, Since i did not hear from you again, I am glad to inform you that I have successfully completed the deal.I succeeded through the assistance of my new business partner Mr Roy Karter. from the United States of America.
Currently I am out of states now with him for a business purposes, However, I did not forget your past efforts in helping me then, though you were not able to complete the project with me but honestly, I still appreciate your past efforts, In appreciation we jointly mapped out the sum of $1.750,000.00m (One Millions Seven Hundred Fifty Thousand United States Dollars deposited.
You are by this letter instructed to open communication with the below named bank with the contact information’s as stated within the next 48hrs hours upon receipt of this instruction as the bona-fide beneficiary of the said deposited fund, for account opening so that you can easily access your account balance and make transfer to any other bank account of your choice any where in the world from your personal computer, right there at the comfort of your home or office.
Contact Person: Mr. Andrew Holmes (Payment Coordinator) Federal Credit Union Midland County Texas Email: [email protected]
Be advised to notify me as soon as you have open communication with the named bank for advice and directive for easy and fast transfer of fund into your local bank account.
I really appreciate all your efforts and money committed towards the success of this transaction, you also made an impact in the success of the transaction.
Thank you very much for the past cooperation and understanding,
Please Do not hesitate to comply as directed.
Best Regards,
Mr. Williams Juma [email protected] Date : 06/22/2020