I need your help.

From: Miss Kadia Dabi Date: 9 January 2013 23:02 Subject: I need your help.

Dearest one, I am Miss Kadia Dabi a 19years old girl from Libya.The only Child of Late Mr and Mrs Abard Dabi. We were leaving in Libya were my late father was doing oil business between Libya and Cote Divoire. In the cause of the political problem there which led to the killing of former leader Mamman Gadahfi. One morning, there was a violence in our area, some group of people were attacked and the bullets hit him. So when he was rushed to the hoal, he died the following day.Meanwhile i have equally lost my mum as a result of Diabetic problem. Before my father death, he told me that there is one million five hundred thousand united states dollars(US1.5million) which he deposited in a bank in Cote Divoire with me as the next of kin. He got the money when he was doing business with one of the oil companies in Cote divoire. The main reason i contacted you is that i have been to the bank to claim the money since my name is used as the next of kin.The bank told me that i can only claim the money when i am 25years. They said or i should look for a foreigner who will help me in receiving the money. This is why i contacted you. So i want you to help me in recieving the money in your account. After recieving it, i will compensate you and you will equally help me in investing it in a good business once i come over there. What the bank need from you is your full telephone number, your occupation and account where you will recieve the money. They said if you cannot send your existing account, you can open a new account for this transfer. Please try and help me. I awaits to hear from you today. Miss Kadia Dabi Nb. Attached to this mail is my picture and the document my father gave me concerning the money in the bank.