From: Attorney: Advocate Matt Glover <[email protected]> Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2019 at 15:16 Subject: I NEED YOUR REPLY URGENTLY To:
It is our pleasure to inform you about this urgent issue at hand; for the purpose of clarity I am Advocate Matt Glover of Glover Attorneys located at 34 Paul Kruger Street Pretoria South Africa. I am vested with the authority to execute the last Will & Testament of Late Mr. Trevor Blunden, an American citizen who died in a ghastly motor accident with his wife on the 27th of September 2017; unfortunately they had no child of their own.
Please bear in mind that the reason for this late notification is; since Late Mr. Trevor Blunden demised his Will was contested by his Nephew Mr. Johannes Blunden who has his own selfish agenda for his Uncle’s estate. The good news now is that last week, Probate Court has finally ruled on the issue that all beneficiaries should be notified to receive their inheritance, and that is why we send you this email to inform you that Late Mr. Trevor Blunden left 15% of his total Estate for you which is US$ 7,500,000.00; to use 50% of this money to aid charity of your choice while 50% should be for you and your family. This may sound strange and unbelievable to you but it is real and true. Being a widely traveled man Late Mr. Trevor Blunden was while he was alive, he must have been in contact with you somewhere in the past.
For your bequeathed (US$ 7.5million) to be release to you send us the below information for our re-verification to be very sure that we are indeed dealing with the legal person on the will to enable us proceed with the release of your funds. Note that whatever information you give us here is safe and kept confidential only for this purpose.
1.) Your full names. 2.) Your Current contact address. 3.) Your Date of birth. 4.) Your Cell phone. 5.) Your occupation. 6.) Your nationality.
Immediately we are in receipt of the above required information from you, a copy of the Will shall be send to you immediately for your confirmation before we will proceed with the necessary particulars so that what Late Mr. Trevor Blunden left for you would be release to you without delay. Very crucial warning, if you know that this email address doesn’t belongs to you; please don’t bother to respond back to us but if you are very sure that indeed this email address is yours don’t hesitate to reply us immediately to proceed.
Yours Faithfully,
Attorney: Advocate Matt Glover