Immediate Payment of your overdue fund.

From: Justice Sylvanus Nsofor (CFR) <[email protected]> Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2019 at 23:36 Subject: Re: Immediate Payment of your overdue fund. To:
Dear Sir/Madam
My name is Justice Sylvanus Nsofor a Nigerian diplomat to United States. I have received a presidential Order from the presidency of the government of Nigeria to contact you for the immediate payment of your overdue payment after his re-election for the second term in office as the president commender in chieft of armed forces Fedral Republic of Nigeria on his official visit to the United States to meet with the United States President (Donald Trumph) to express his gratitude to him for supporting won the presidential election. him .
It has been discovered through our security monitoring network that you have been dealing with wrong channels to actualize your claim and lost some amount of money in the process. Be informed that the government does not pay foreign debt through sycophants but only through the government approved channels.
Diplomatic trust cannot be put into disrepute by any responsible government. This is one of the reasons the present government of Nigeria Anti-corruption crusade has been commended by the United Nations, the World Bank, IMF, American Government, British Government etc with the Bi-lateral agreement between both the Nigeria President and the United states President that outstanding foreign funds such as Inheritance claim and Lottery winnings be paid while the United States Government have also agreed to repatraite the looted funds brought to United States back to Nigeria Government.
The Government considered to pay you and few other beneficiaries through this diplomatic means to safe you and your funds from the evil hands of impostors and to save the image of the government of Nigeria from disrepute. So you are lucky to be one of the few favored beneficiaries. All we need from you is your maximum cooperation and you get paid.
Reconfirm your current information as requested below:
1) Your full name, address, telephone and email.
2) Your kind of claim
3} How much is your money?
4) Why have you not been paid before this time?
The reason for the request of the above is to be sure that we are dealing with the true beneficiary. I have your payment file and I know that only a true beneficiary will give the right information in the payment file. Upon our receipt of your reply to this mail, we shall reconcile your payment documents with the concern authorities and direct you to our paying bank for your immediate payment.
Kindly reply through this Email Address
Justice Sylvanus Nsofor (CFR) Nigerian Diplomat to United States.