Good Day, This is to officially inform you that (ATM Card Number 5951390123652671) has been accredited with your favor as regards Your payment from the 2013 UN / Ecowas online funds Donation Program, have been deposited into an iKobo Master Card and is available for delivery to your destination. Your Personal Identification Number is 1822.The ikobo MASTER CARD is $715,810.00 USD (Seven Hundred And Fifteen Thousand Eight Hundred And Ten USD) and please note that no deduction of any fee is allowed because your $715,810.00 USD (Seven Hundred And Fifteen Thousand Eight Hundred And Ten USD) was receive from the United Nation in BOND and it has been duly insured, based on our policies and as a result of the space of time available, you are hereby advised to act fast so we can proceed with the delivery immediately to your door step . Below is the confirmation of our clients who have received their ATM CARD via FEDEX COURIER SERVICES. you can track them on the FedEx website to confirm some beneficiaries like you who have received their ATM card successfully. Name : Sai Dham in: FedEx Tracking Number: 873446792239 Name : Donny Peterson: FedEx Tracking Number: 870456747216 You are advised to contact us with your missing information which aim your delivery. * Full Name: * Address where you want them to send your ATM/Cash Card to:: * Sex: * Age: * Occupation: * Phone Number: * Country of Residence: * Send photo for Identification: CONGRATULATIONS Funds Remittance Department Mrs Jessy Lisa Mr.Michael Harry Call:+2347012309997 Email: [email protected] Approval: An iKobo MasterCard for you C89-276.