Compliment, I’m Engr. Brien Seedna. I work with the Federal Ministry of Works And Housing here in my Country Dublin.I have decided to tender a Resignation Letter as a result of trying to start something on my own. I am about to be paid outstanding contract sum, which I intend to Start a business with,am hereby seeking your opinion on the line of Business Investment one can go into in your country. I will really appreciate your Utmost Assistance and Partnership in this Quest. I had always been interested in International Investments, and I believe this is the right time; I have made up my mind to Completely give it a try as I am not too strong for tedious projects anymore.I will be waiting for your ideal business, and also looking forward to Partner with you. We could set up a company together or probably invest In an existing one.If you are too busy for this, maybe you could introduce me to someone. Kindly respond to this E-Mail : [email protected] Regards, Engr.Brien Seedna.