From: Arthur Savage Date: 10 October 2012 18:41 Subject: INVESTMENT ASSISTANCE To:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a proposal which I think might be of your interest, I have a widower who is searching for good business owners that have got lucrative projects/business ideas she can invest her funds on.My client has great interest to invest in worthy creative start ups that has good potentials. She is not concerned about the type of projects or the location of the investment rather her interest is that the Project should be one that will be able to yield a high return on investment. The investment range should be within the range of US$150million-US$300million.She is ready to release funds for you but you have to convince her that you are a good investment manager and will invest her funds wisely.

Her plan is to invest in a long term (maybe a period of 10 years) and after that, she will withdraw her original capital. At the end of every financial year the both of you will be sharing the interest generated.

If this is of any interest to you, let me know so we can have further discussions.

Regards, Mr.Arthur Savage.