Good morning to you, I know you must be highly surprise to receive this proposal from complete stranger you have never meet, I have sent you this message earlier and wonder if you received it as am still waiting to hear from you for me to know my faith and I have decided to attach my details once more, My name is MISS NICHOLA ANDREA BUDHAN. I,m a single female medical. I come from Libay is located 25 minutes east of tripoli. I know you will be surprise to receive this message from complete stranger from Libya but it is a great pleasure writing and knowing you and I have decided to write you all about me and my position here and what I need you to do for me to get my fund (EURO9.5MILLION) which was deposited in BANK OF AFRICA central security vault and Gold Dust out for investment to enable me relocate in your area for living and investment. I am 6’10, pd s(athlet I am writing this letter in confidence believing that if it is the wish of God for you to help me , God almighty will bless and reward you abundantly and you would never regret this, note that this is legitimate business because the money in question belongs to my father and no risk involved in helping me out over this transfer. I want to invest in your country and decided to contact you directly after seeing your profile , I know there is bad and evil people in the world and will like to talk to you one on one on the phone for us to know each other better and know the person you are communicating with over this investment. I want to invest and help Charity homes and other good investment in your country which you know better, I have never done business or investment before and want you to be my sponsor,partner and fund manager once being transfered Can we discuss on it and I need your private email address and direct mobile or phone line for us to discuss in details . MY DATA: MY NAME: MISS NICHOLA ANDREA BUDHAN MY BIRTH:11/MARCH/1990 MY OCCUPATION:MEDICAL SCIENTIST MARITAL STATUS:SINGLE NATIONALITY:LIBYA AMOUNT TO TRANSFER EURO9.5MILLION AND GOLD DUST (AU) PURITY;92% QUANTITY;22 CARATS OR BETTER QUANTITY;200KG YOURS NICHOLA ANDREA BUDHAN