It’s me Jodie

From: Jodie D. Williams <[email protected]> Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2021 at 23:09 Subject: It’s me Jodie To: Recipients <[email protected]>
Good Morning”
I’m Jodie, I send my love and greetings to you, Hoping that you are safe in this Covid19. Please pardon me as I am aware that this is Not a conventional way of relating such an important message to you, I did try without success to locate either your contact Address and I resorted in contacting you via email. Not withstanding, I know quite well that Recently, there are so many ”HOAX” going on via internet and it is difficult to trust but i don’t know why my spirit still accepted me to send this message to you out of few email addresses i got from the internet in search of trust and transparency. This is a true life situation & it happened to me.
However, this communication will be a great benefit to you & your family, I know quite well that we have not met before, but God works Miraculously and re-uniting his people through his own will and great atone of faith. I will tell you everything & how it happened as soon as i receive your response.
Regards, Jodie D. Williams