Last Chance Over Your Fund

From: Rev. Mayor Duncan <[email protected]> Date: 27 May 2018 at 05:05 Subject: Last Chance Over Your Fund To:
*Dear Scam Victom*
*How are you doing today, I have a good news for you, the president* *just declared that your Fund will be release without any cost of* *transfer or cost of delivery all that will be needed is just to get a* *President Payment Approval that will enable this Office to release* *your Fund without any charges or delay which to secure that President* *Payment Approval will be paid for by you which is just $175 only.*
*So what you need is try and send the $175 today via Western Union or* *our Cashier Account details below.*
*If You want to send the fee Via Western Union use this info below.*
*Receivers Name : Okolie Jude* *Text Question: When* *Answer: Now* *Location: Lagos Nigeria*
*If You are making the payment Via Account Details below.*
*Bank Name : Guaranty trust bank plc* *Bank Address: 49, Idimu Road Ikotun Lagos Nigeria * *Sort Code: 058-152706* *Account Number: 0160298733* *Account Name : Okolie Judinson*
*I want to give you 100% assurance that after the payment is done no* *more charges that will be paid again for sure and if we fail to* *release your Fund then kindly ask us for a refund which we will do, so* *you have a choice to make and also the payment will be released to you* *Via 3 option which this are the option below.*
*1) Online Banking Transfer* *2) ATM Master Card* *3) Bank Draft*
*So kindly chose your option and also indicate your Delivery or Account* *details for the choice of your Receiving Your Fund which its $5.5 Million* *Million*
*Feel free to call me for any Question : +2348122701639*
*I wait your Urgent Responds as soon as Possible*
*Rev. Mayor Duncan*