MoneyGram Payment

From: JERRY E. WOON <[email protected]> Date: 16 April 2017 at 11:26 Subject: MoneyGram Payment To:
Attention Beneficiary.
This is to inform you that MoneyGram African Regional operations/payment reconciliation Committee has reviewed your payment file and issued payment authorization order to the Special Transfer Unit (STU) to immediately start transferring your daily payment of $5000 until your total amount of $1.500,000.00 USD being part payment of your fund is paid in full.
Contact the Payout System Manager and Member of the Compensation and Benefits Committee immediately on the contact information below and you are mandated to contact the Payout system manager within 72 hours. This takes immediate effect from this day.
Mr SMITH ANEKWE/ Manager and Member of the Compensation and Benefits Committee. Phone: +229 9631 0964 Email: [email protected]
Fill these following details to avoid wrong transfer while contacting the payout system of MoneyGram:
Full name: Address: Country: State: Zipcode: Telephone#:
Yours in service. Jerry Woon