ALFRED MbOMMA (LEGAL SOLICITORS) OFFICE ADDRESS: 21 MAITAMA AVENUE GARKI ABUJA 23401 NIGERIA . E-MAIL: [email protected] MOBILE PHONE: +234-8080315307 MR. JAMES HARRISON’S PHILANTHROPIC GESTURE DRAW RESULTS Dear Beneficiary, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am Barrister. Alfred Momma, the Principal Attorney & President in The Chamber, Admitted in Nigeria Bar, 1973, and Education: LL.BHones.( Lagos ), MCI Arab. ( London ), AMNION, FCILS; ( Salzburg ); Notary Public (Managing Partner/Senior Counsel). LANGUAGE: English. I crave your indulgence for the unsolicited nature of this e-mail to you. Your e-mail address came up in a random draw conducted by our law firm Today been the 3th day of Dec@ Alfred & Sons Law Chambers in Abuja,Nigeria. I am a personal attorney to our late client Mr. James Harrison who worked for an oil firm in Nigeria . Mr. James Harrison a well-known Philanthropist, before he died, he made a Will in our law firm stating that US$4.2M (Four point two million U.S. dollars only) should be donated to any Philanthropist of our choice overseas. We have made a random draw and your e-mail address was picked as the beneficiary to this Will. I am particularly interested in securing this money from the Bank,because they have issued a notice instructing us to produce the beneficiary of this will within two weeks that happens to be you or else the money will be credited to the Government treasury as per law here. It is my utmost desire to execute the Will of our late client. You are required to contact me immediately to start the process of transferring this money to any of your designated official account. I urge you to contact me immediately for further details bearing in mind that the Bank has given us a date limit. Please act fast and initiate contact me via my Mobile Phone: +234-8080315307 or E-mail address as follows:[email protected] You have a lovely day even as you read this Congratulatory message Regards, Mrs.Idowu Johnson, (Office Secretary) For-Barrister. Alfred Mbomma, (Principal Attorney)