Mr. Michael Obielele

From: Dr.Thomsa Houston Date: 6 October 2012 23:00 Subject: [SPAM] – [BULK] – Mr. Michael Obielele To:

*WESTERN UNION (Moving money for better.)* *1201 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest,Washington D.C.* * * * * * * *Dear Valued Client,* * * * * * * *We officially write you this mail as a result of our just concluded findings regarding you and the Fraudsters who victimized you as they in return ripped you off your* *hard earned money as a result of falsepromises that you do have some fund with them, however, we have partially and unknowingly been in line to have helped you remit* *your fund to this Fraudsters without due investigation which at mosttimes are not appreciated by most of our Customers who intend to send money abroad, but yet, we* *still accept the fault as it is our duty to be interested in the safety of our patronizing Customers which you happen to be one of them.* * * * * * * *The Global Crime Fighting Committee along with Money Transfer Companies, which also included Money Gram (MG) had instructed that this process of Reparation be carried* *out to all Victims, as a medium of showing how much we care about you and feel concerned and pity for your great lost. To this extent, we have been mandated to pay you* *the sum of $600,000.00 (Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars Only), which is intended to be sent to you via Western Union on a daily basis of $7,000.For further* *enquiry, you are advised to respond to this mail.* *Please to help us issue this payment to you, we urge that you detail us with your Pick-up details such as;* * * * * * * *1.) FULL NAME:–* *2.) AGE:–* *3.) SEX:–* *4.) ADDRESS:–* *5.) ZIP/POSTAL CODE:–* *6.) STATE/PROVINCE:–* *7.) COUNTRY:–* *8.) PHONE:–* *9.) OCCUPATION/POSITION:–* *10) BANK DETAILS:–* *11) E-Mail:–* * * * * * * *This data’s are needed because we need to have them filed and also to have it presented to the Global Crime Fighting Committee for confirmation of Reparation. Please* *after this, we’ll urge you to be very careful when dealing with people you have never met and be conscious of letting out your hard earned money too., As we hope and* *pray that you’ll learn from your mistakes and seize to fall into such trap with your Reparation Prize, however, kindly contact the below person who is in position to* *release your payment to you.* * * * * * * *Mr. Michael Obielele* *Western Union Department* *E-mail:([email protected])* *Telephone:+201116007369* * * * * * * *This Reparation prize valued at $600,000.00 only attracts the sum of $300 to be paid as the dispensation fees, once this is received, there shall be no further demands* *from you, and that will be all you need do to get you fund along with the required information above. NB: Please be informed that this is no kind of a joke, and that* *this mail is only and strictly intended to those who are willing to be Compensated as we do not hope to get response if you are not ready to ad held to this processing* *as been stipulated by the Western Union Board of Directives. So, be advised to response back with the perspective of sending down your details and be prepared to* *settle the processing cost, for without this, your email will not be treated.* * * * * * * *Sincerely,* *Dr.Thomsa Houston*