Muhammad From Libya

From: Muhammad Abdul Date: 23 December 2012 23:24 Subject: Muhammad From Libya To:


Good day to you and your family, my name is Muhammad Saif Abdul i am from Ajdabiya near Benghazi in the northern part of libya,i want to cease this opportunity to introduce my self and my reason of contacting you, but I am sending this mail to you. my late father (Saif Abdul) before his death was one of the aides to colonel Muammar Gaddafi.upon the out break of crises in the city of Benghazi, my late father decided that the city was not safe for us to stay in any longer and as such we had to flee to Tripoli(the capital) since it was safe as at that time.

many families took the same decision to run away from Benghazi. But unfortunately on our way to the capital city, we met a road block mounted by the rebel force and they opened fire on our vehicle as well as others. my mother and one of my brothers died at the spot as s result of the bullet wounds sustained, my father, my only sister and brother manage to escape, but my father had bullet wounds, which later killed him, because of the blood and the bullet has done a lot of damage inside his body system, he could not survive it,

am calling on your attention to help me receive my consignment which contains boxes of money that is already in u.s.a with a diplomat.the consignment is suppose to be received by a man name (Mr. Michael Milligan), but on the arrival of the diplomat in u.s.a he discovered that Mr. Michael Milligan has been jailed for drinking and driving according to report of diplomat got.

right now there is nobody to receive the consignment over there in u.s.a and that is why i am calling on your attention to help me receive it and you will not regret it.please i beg you in the name of almighty Allah i don’t want you to disclose the content of my boxes to the diplomat because he is not aware of what is carrying, his duty is to make sure he deliver the boxes to my beneficiary that all .

so all i want you to do is to help me receive it, the amount in the boxes is $9.800.000.00 million us dollars .i want you to assure me that you are a trust worthy person. i want you to contact the diplomat, he is in Washington dc right now. as soon as you accept to assist me and reply my e-mail, i will send the contact details of the diplomat to you, so that you will call him immediately for him to come and deliver the consignment to you.

If you are will to assist me i will give you the information of the diplomat, for you to call him to come and deliver the boxes to you in your house i shall send you the identity of late Mr. Milligan. May the good Allah bless you and your family

best regards, Muhammad Saif Abdul