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From: Mr. Kelvin Akindele <[email protected]> Date: Wed, 8 Sept 2021 at 15:07 Subject: my subject To: Recipients <[email protected]>
UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA – AFRICA’S GLOBAL BANK HEAD OFFICE ADDRESS UBA HOUSE 57 MARINA P.O. BOX 2406 LAGOS NIGERIA I Am Mr Benson Abudukarim the director cash processing united bank for African the international monetary fund (I.M.F.) in conjunction with Organization of African Unity (O.A.U) is compensating all the scam victims with $1.500.000.00USD
and your email address was found in the scam victim’s, the united bank for African and Federal Reserve Bank has been mandated by the (I.M.F) to pay your compensation ($1.500, 000.00USD) in cash through means of diplomatic courier service hand delivery, Take note that Three thousand united states dollars (usd$3,000) have been mapped out for all expenses in taxes and other documents that matters. Therefore, do forward your home address, direct phone number to this email, [email protected], Please reply/direct to this email: [email protected]
Mr Benson Abudukarim Director cash processing Unite United bank for Africa. (U.B.A)