From: Mrs. Diana V. Lauren <[email protected]> Date: 6 August 2018 at 00:14 Subject: PAYMENT NOTIFICATION To: Me <[email protected]>
Dear Friend,
I am Mrs. Diana V. Lauren; I am a Canadian citizen, 68 years Old. I reside here in Toronto, Canada.
I am one of those that won MICROSOFT ONLINE LOTTERY in United States some years ago and they refused to pay me, I had paid over $20,000 trying to get my winning prize all to no avail.
So I decided to travel down to America with all my winning documents, and I was directed to meet Attorney George Ellis who is in charge of the MICROSOFT ONLINE LOTTERY PAYMENT DEPARTMENT, and when I contacted Attorney George Ellis, he explained everything to me.
Attorney told me that those people who are contacting us through email are fake, that they are imposters, and he took me to the paying bank, which is Federal Credit Union Bank (FCUB), and after i submitted my winning documents to the paying bank, i was asked to come back in the next three days, because they need to verify all my winning documents to facilitate the release of my winning prize worthy US$5,500,000.00 ( FIVE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS ONLY).
After the three days verification of my winning documents, my winning prize was transferred to me. Moreover, Attorney showed me the names and email address of those that have not yet received their winning prize and I saw your name and email address on the winner list, that’s why I decided to email you and pass the good news to you, so you can also receive your overdue funds.
I will advise you to contact Attorney George Ellis now so he can assist you to get your fund transfer to you.
You have to contact him direct on this information below.
Name: George Ellis Tel: +1-914-301-7108
Finally, the only money I paid to Attorney George Ellis was $550USD only for (VALIDATION OF MY CLAIMS DOCUMENTS), which is very necessary to be paid, so you have to take note of that.
Thank You and I wish you good Luck.
Mrs. Diana V. Lauren