Please, contact MCB Asap.

From: Dr. Philip Egobia <[email protected]> Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2019 at 12:45 Subject: Please, contact MCB Asap. To:

*Fund beneficiary, Scam victim. Sir, * Hope this mail meets you in good health.
As a Human Right crusader under Department of Justice DOJ, I must confess that your non payment is not spiritual, but human made error.
I was privileged to come across your abandoned file at the Nigerian Apex Bank, CBN Head Quarters and my observation is sad and disheartening, several attempts to divert or change your fund ownership.
From the report I found in your file, I share your pain, and I am determined to act as your agent, and fight for justice and make sure you are paid, no consultation or legal fee required from you, that is if you’re willing to adhere to simple instructions.
There is an ongoing special payment arrangement between the Malaysian and Nigerian High commission and I have make sure your file was included among those that will be paid by the Malaysian Apex Bank.
Please, upon receipt of this email, contact and corporate with management of Malaysian Central Bank on the give information’s bellow for more details, don’t forget to reconfirm the following to them, your names, address and full Bank details for proper vitrification’s by MCN.

*Nor Shamsiah Mohamad YunusGovernor, Central Bank of Malaysia.Email: [email protected]*
I am not FULLY aware of THE Malaysian Central Bank payment policy, but I encourage you to do everything within your powers to corporate and comply with them.
*Please, always quote your Reference file # CBN/FGN/FMF/886/04/2019.*

*Sir, I guarantee that your wire remittance is 100% safe, this is a well thought arrangement.*

*Always update me., *
Dr. Philip Egobia The Apex Bank agent.