From: <[email protected]> Date: 24 April 2018 at 15:21 Subject: READ CAREFULLY To: Recipients <[email protected]>
Attention: Beneficiary
I am the Director Documentation/statistic and Archive Office, Fact Finding and Special Duties,
As an intelligent officer trained to check fraud, I have made personal discovery from The Government payment Awarded Blue Print. The payment number your are pursuing is different from the number on your file. Some high place bank officials has been coming asking me to change your name with their choice name and help them with documents to get this fund. I found out that they’re trying to loot this money away with the help of foreign partners.
Spurred by my discovery, a more critical vetting of the Document revealed that the fund in question is an over invoiced / inflated amount on a Contract. The original Executor of the said Contract has been fully paid through their nominated Bank Account Via Marine Midland Bank New York,. Right now, I am the only Person aware of this fact, I am interested on this deal but I demand your cooperation. I want you to know that without me there is no other way you can receive this fund, also derogatory marks has been made on your file which means that we have to put in place an introductory letter purported to have been written by the Original Executors of the Contract whose name is Ms. G. J B Davis Construction England, Stating that they transferred ownership of this fund to you as the beneficiary. This letter has to be backdated and will be registered with the Federal Parastatals where the Contract emanated and has to tally with the date of Contract Completion and must be verifiable in case the sponsors of the Contract (Word Bank – Auditors) strike after payment has been effected.
With this introductory letter, we will have full access to obtain all relevant Documents and Contract Agreement that will justify your claims. This process is called, Affidavit of Transfer of Right –Normalization and Validation of Contract Payment (A.T.R.N.V.C.P) which will also include Resolution report from the Supreme Court, Federal Ministry of Justice of which the Originals Copies of all these Documents will be dispatch to your address because your signature is required on all the Original Documents.
If you’re interested to get this fund you must adhere strictly to my instructions. Before we start this process, you will send a promissory note with passport photograph or drivers license, that you will pay me %30 of the total money while 70% is for you. If you agreed on this term, kindly get back to me i will let you know how much it will cost to get this done, as the director Fact Finding and Special Duties, i will help you with all the paper work. It will only take us 14 days to conclude this. The Fund in question is $10.5Millions USD. Please do not tell any one about this transaction. You have to maintain Uttermost confidentiality of this transaction.
Call me on my direct telephone +234 902-325-6617 on the receipt of this message.
Yours Sincerely