Reply me please

From: Mrs Paoloma Alvarez Date: 8 November 2012 10:22 Subject: Reply me please To:

Hello My Dear

My Name is Mrs Paoloma Alvarez i am 77 years old from Germany and a wife to the late Mr Chuddy Brunnet who was from California in USA,I am presently in Germany receiving treatments for my long time cancer of the breast.The intention of this letter is to seek for your attention and help in-respect of my funds lying in a security company in USA after my doctors told me that my sickness has got to a stage where it can no longer make me breath this is as a result of the fact that my cancer was not treated in time and has gotten to a very bad stage where it can no longer be treated to the extent of keeping me alive.

My loving husband left me the time i need him most in a car crash accident and indeed we were very wealthy and nurtured a good christian home though we did not have children we didn’t blame each other for that because it is the way nature wants it,i inherited all my late husband’s wealth and business and before time crucial time of my sickness i have been trusting people who careless about me and my intentions people who stole from me in the name of sharing this funds to my desired places like the motherless baby homes,orphanage homes etc i never knew that your best friend could be your worst enemy ,they took advantage of my goodwill and good intentions to help the poor and the motherless homes through the acquisitive wealth of my late husband.

This is might not sound right to you or it might sound very weird to you but my dear friend i seek for your assistance to accomplish my heart desires for the poor my helping me receive the last funds of my husband wealth which was willed to me that is currently in a security company as i can no longer trust me around me .The said amount with the security company is (Ten million eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars) and i want you to apply on my behalf to security company for the immediate release of this funds to you at my own expenditure without having you spend any money.I beg of you to help me complete my heart desires but if you can’t do this for me i will understand and accept my faith or probably have the security company confiscate the funds as i can’t trust people around me who are inconsiderate but it will be very painful after reading this message and you decide not to help a poor widow carry out her last wish on earth. My Dear if my story touches you,please reply me and i will email you the details of the firm where the funds are so you can contact for the release of the funds to you.

Remain Blessed Mrs Paoloma Alvarez