From: “Luís Maria” <[email protected]> Date: 17 October 2018 at 09:39 Subject: SONANGOL OF ANGOLA To:
Engr. Luís Maria Sonangol — Sociedade Nacional de Combustíveis de Angola, Liason office,Johannesburg, South Africa. REF: SONANGOL OF ANGOLA
ATTN: CEO / Managing Director,
It is my pleasure to introduce to you this highly lucrative crude oil sales venture. I propose that we become joint partners in a crude oil sales project under the umbrella of the Sonangol Petroleum Agency of Angola. We would register either your company or a joint company with the local corporate affairs commission of Angola and would then re-assign an already allocated crude oil sales license to the company and act as representative of the Petroleum agency in selling of crude oil to the end buyers.
I have previously assisted a company based in Wisconsin, America to secure a crude oil sales license allocated in 2007. The owner of this company, Mr. Ken Hendricks could not actualize his dream in this project as he had an accident thereby becoming incapable of being active in business. I will repackage your company as the crude oil license beneficiary. We would re-assign the sales license that was previously given to late Mr. Ken Henricks to your company. This will give your company the authority to act as crude oil sales agent / representative for Sonangol — Sociedade Nacional de Combustíveis de Angola, E.P.
The assignment of the crude oil sales allocation to your company gives us the privilege to operate as the first lifter of the crude oil from the block. This attracts USD$4.00 discount per barrel to the lifter. The USD$4.00 is ours (lifter) entitlement from the petroleum agency. Also being able to get final buyers entitles us to USD$2.00 discount from the discount given to end buyers as mandate.
As we are going to be lifting 2 Million barrels per a month from the block. The USD$4.00 discount from National petroleum agency sums up to USD$8 Million per a month, and the USD$2.00 discount from the end buyers comes to USD$4 Million per a month. This total to USD$12 Million gross coming to our group per a transaction in a month. On equity sharing ration, both of us will be netting a total USD$12 Million as profits monthly. These proceeds (commission) will be shared equally on equity between both of us at the end of every sales operational month.
This project is highly profitable and presently the most legitimate money making machinery available in the oil and gas industry. What is of interest about the project is that your presence is not compulsory, rather after the registration of your company and obtaining the crude oil sales license, we would connect buyers to the petroleum agency with my connections at Sonangol and our commission will be directed to your nominated bank co-ordinates after all due dilligence. I appreciate your understanding and keen interest to take advantage of this profitable opportunity.
Best Regards, Luís Maria Executive Administrator Sonangol — Sociedade Nacional de Combustíveis de Angola, E.P.