Trreasury Funds

From: Rohan Nadkarni <[email protected]> Date: 22 November 2017 at 10:59 Subject: Treasury Funds To:
Dear sir.
I am a senior bank officer in England. I and my colleague have access to HM Treasury suspended funds worth fortunes’, which i will be disclosing later as we proceed. My self and colleague, cannot be traced to such transfer from a “suspense account” hence we seek for the best and capable hand with business experience on field to assist us. If you are interested, I intend to part with 50% of this fund to you while 50% shall be for my self and colleague. I do need to assure you that there is practically no risk involved in this transaction. Its going to be a bank-to-bank transfering system.
I only need to back you up with all required document, and also back date your name in the file and make you the depositor of the Fuds. Lest we proceed, you must pledge your Loyalty and assurance that our share is invested properly upon our arrival in your country. Please maintain confidentiality of this letter for security reason, I and my colleague, have everything in place to make this transaction come to live all we need is to present you as the depositor. However, if you are interested in my proposal, get back to me so we can schedule a meeting in Europe, Belgium to be precise to sign a confidentiality agreement and agree a basic MOU and also get more insight on the transaction for more understanding before we proceed. Looking forward to hear from you.
Regards. Rohan Nadkarni Laporte Way Luton LU4 8WL.