From: BERNARD DE ANDREA Date: 30 January 2013 16:52 Subject: UPDATE AND REQUEST To:

* * *Attn: Concern Beneficiary* * * * * *REQUEST FOR CLAIM OF UNPAID FUND IN YOUR FAVOUR:* * * * * *My name is BERNARD DE ANDREA Esquire, Principal Attorney, Profile Finance Consult and Legal Services, United Kingdom . A Legal / Financial Consultancy Firm with Corporate Clientele including but not limited to National Westminster Bank Plc (Natwest), United Kingdom , the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), London, Barclays Bank etc.* * * * * * * *We undertake Legal Representation and Financial Consultancy Services to Financial Institution, Corporate Establishment and Government Bodies.* * * * * * * *In the course of auditing our client’s Beneficiary’s Files Late last month, we discovered that your Payment File has long been left unattended due to poor representation by you. Having studied your file, I became aware of the contemporary issues and controversy surrounding your Unpaid Entitlement with the above Institution hence my humble offer to represent you secure your Overdue Entitlement and have it transferred to any designated Account of your choice.* * * * * * * *Should my offer to represent you as your Solicitors and Financial Consultant meet your kind consideration, I am of the settled conviction I can use my influence and the instrumentality of my Office to secure your fund into any safe and secured Account you may provide for this purpose instead of allowing your legitimate Fund go down the drain to the coffers of the Government as unclaimed fund at the end of this Financial/Fiscal Year.* * * * * *Lastly, be reminded that on receipt of your response, we shall discuss on the procedure and my Professional Charge.* * * * * * * *Kindly treat with the highest sense of urgency as we are firm and confident of the obvious benefit and success of your fund application.* * * * * * * *I fervently hope and believe you will make the best use of this exercise.* * * * * * * *Yours sincerely, * * * * * *Bernard De Andrea Esquire* *Principal Attorney* *United Kingdom* *Tel No: +44-779-655530* *Fax No: +44-700-5938332* * *