From: <[email protected]> Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2021 at 21:43 Subject: URGENT ATTENTION
[image: Google Forms] Dear Beneficiary,
Compliment of the Season.
My name is Martin Guerrero, The United Nation Auditor General, On the cause of auditing the account of United Nation for the 2020 end of financial year activities. We discover that you haven’t received your Inheritance/compensation funds valued at the sum of $45.5M. It was revealed that your $45.5M has been laying unclaimed for couple of years now. I was informed that your refused to pay the fee of $95 for the TRANSFER CODE.
So my question is, Are you ready to make the payment of $95 to enable you get your TRANSFER CODE because you won’t receive your $45.5M without the TRANSFER CODE. If you are not ready to make the payment let me know so that your $45.5M funds will be return back to UNITED NATION TREASURY on or before the 15th January 2021 as an UNCLAIMED FUNDS
NOTE: ONLY IF YOU ARE SERIOUS in getting your funds let me know so that I will send you information where you will make the payment of $95. Remember that you have limited time to claim your funds or it will be returned back to United Nation Treasury.
Send your reply to this email: [email protected]
Waiting for your quick response
Thanks for your understanding
Martin Guerrero United Nation Auditor General