From: JERRY OKORO Date: 4 February 2013 09:14 Subject: URGENT REQUEST To:

From Dr. Jerry Okoro Nigeria National Petroleun Corporation P.O Box 6543 Victorian Island, Lagos Nigeria Dear Sir,

My name is Dr.Jerry Okoro. It is my pleasure to write this mail basically to seek your consent on transaction which involves transfer of an over-invoiced sum of money from my ministry to your bank account. The amount involved is US$40million. I am a member of the Contract Award Committee (CAC) in my ministry Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). The amount was intentionally over-invoiced for our benefit. We have worked carefully to secure the approval of the fund since the original contract value has been paid on completion of the contract in 2010. Then the remaining balance of the US$40million is what we intend to transfer secretly to you using your bank account details.

The civil service code of conduct does not allow any serving officer to operate a foreign bank account, we are seriously handicapped to transfer the fund to an offshore account hence this contact to you. It is on this basis that I thought it wisely to use a foreigner to receiver the fund for our mutual benefit. We shall draw an agreement to back up this transaction and also to spell out our duties, sharing modalities and safety of the fund in your bank account. If you are interested, please send the required informations as stated below. 1)YOUR FULL NAMES AND ADDRESS 2)YOUR MOBILE NUMBER, 3)NAME AND ADDRESS OF YOUR BANK 4)A/C NUMBER ,SWIFT CODE,ROUTING NUMBER AND A/C NAME Summarily, there is no single risk involve having taken care of all forms of obstacles that would pose some risks in the deal. To avoid taking things for granted. The transaction will be processed legitimately with all legal proof on the execution of the contract.


Dr.Jerry Okoro.