From: Mr. AbdulHakim Date: 13 February 2013 16:41 Subject: US$28.5MILLION BUSINESS PROPOSAL To:

Dear Sir, I write to appeal for your co-operation to enable us secure on your behalf a o f US$28.5M contract a m o u n t from the central b a n k to your b a n k account. Early last year, some contracts were awarded to a foreign firm for the repair and construction of oil refineries. The real contract value was US$91.5Million, but we over estimated the contract to the tune of US$120Million. Now the contract balance of US$28.5Million, which is the monetary profit we envisaged is been left in an account with the paying finance house in Europe. All we require is your willingness as a foreigner to co-operate with us to enable us t r a n s f e r the m o n e y to your b a n k account, as we have agreed that you take 25% of the entire funds, while 75% will be for us. Much Regards, Mr. Abdul H